Purple Velvet Cake Mix 1kg


Purple Velvet Cake Mix 1kg

Gives a high volume a fine, delicate surface. Ideal for business baking just as home cooking and cake making. Made utilizing real normal colorants joined with a supplementing flavour, they give a delicate scrap and smooth surface. In addition with its special blend, you will accomplish more prominent volume per sack and an elevated yield for every cake.

With an incredible taste and surface, the Vizyon Velvet Cake blend gives a certifiable, normal character with a distinctive shading and velvet surface. Alongside being freeze-defrost stable, Vizyon Velvet Cake blends will hold their sogginess, delicate quality and newness over a more drawn out period.

Work on your baking cycles and keep a predictable character and quality which can be both time and work saving just as incredible efficient reserve funds in general.

The Purple Velvet Cake blend has a particular and dazzling purple shading which comes from regular beetroot red colorants. Also you will find it’s character is an inconspicuous berry natural product taste originating from the natural product seasoning.

The Vizyon Purple Velvet Cake Mix will help you to keep a standard character and quality while saving the cake’s newness for a more extended time frame. In an advantageous, resealable foil pocket or the bigger, mass art pack, the powder blend will guarantee you make phenomenal tasting velvet cakes at whatever point you really want.

  • Blend can be effortlessly adjusted for lively Swiss rolls
  • Can likewise be utilized to deliver beautiful treats and waffles
  • Purple Velvet Cake gives an unobtrusive berry organic product flavour
  • Freeze-defrost stable
  • Appropriate for grinding to utilize the morsel as an enhancement on cakes and different items
  • Reliable equation and taste

This item can be purchased online or in-store at Baking Bliss 101 Ryrie Street, Geelong VIC 3220