Barry Callebaut Black Cocoa Powder – 500G


Black cocoa powder is just dutched or alkalised cocoa powder; it has a smoother, less bitter flavour than regular dutch cocoa, but does not taste like chocolate.

Black cocoa powder, as the name implies, is much deeper in colour than natural cocoa powder — it’s almost black.

Heavy alkalizing was employed to generate this ultra dark colour, and no food colouring was utilised in the process. As a result, black cocoa powder is an excellent natural colourant. You’ll be able to make a deep black Buttercream or Cake Batter that won’t stain your teeth like Gel colourants may.

The most important thing to remember when baking with black cocoa powder is that you cannot substitute natural cocoa powder for black cocoa powder. Because regular cocoa powder might be acidic (natural) or neutral (dutched), always use the type of cocoa specified in the recipe. Natural cocoa powder can readily be substituted for black cocoa powder, but the reverse will result in a flat cake and sunken cupcakes. Baking soda will not react with black cocoa powder (or regular Dutch cocoa powder) to make your cake rise.

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