Baby Pram Raised Stamp


This beautifully designed stamp is ideally suited for cookie cutters from 70mm across, as it trims off the witness mark from the edge of the embosser plate. The pram measures around 50mm in each direction and fits nicely in a 60mm circle, but anything larger will leave more space for decoration. Why not ask us if you need to match it to one of our famous super sharp cutters! Or else consider matching it with our popular raised rainbow or “baby” plaque.

Our Raised Stamps are made from the highest grade clear acrylic so that you can see your fondant through the stamp for perfect placement. They don’t come with a handle like our traditional stamps so that you can use them in 1 of 2 ways. You can either,

1) roll a pin, or your palm over the back of the acrylic stamp with enough even force to press into your fondant giving the desired effect, or

2) place your acrylic stamp face up on your bench and lay your fondant over the top, rolling your fondant onto the raised stamp features. Whichever way you find best, simply trim off the witness mark from the edge of the stamp with one of our super sharp 3D printed cutters – we are known for our super sharp cutting edge that leaves a perfectly clean edge – remove the edge and place the perfectly stamped fondant onto you cookie!

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